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Turbosmart Part Numbers

Turbosmart USA


TS-0101-1001 GBCV Boost-Tee Blue
TS-0101-1002 GBCV Boost-Tee Black
TS-0101-2023 Boost Gauge 0-30psi 52mm - 2 1/16"
TS-0101-2024 Gauge Mounting Cup 52mm - 2 1/16"
TS-0101-3001 GBCV Boost Tee/InCabin Mount Bracket
TS-0104-1001 GBCV Single Stage Blue
TS-0104-1002 GBCV Single Stage Black
TS-0105-1001 GBCV Dual Stage Blue
TS-0105-1002 GBCV Dual Stage Black
TS-0105-3001 GBCV SS/DS Mounting Bracket
TS-0105-3002 GBCV SS/DS Replacement Tee
TS-0105-3005 GBCV Rocket launcher switch
TS-0106-1001 GBCV In Cabin Blue
TS-0106-1002 GBCV In Cabin Black
TS-0203-1021 BOV Kompact Dual Port-20mm
TS-0203-1022 BOV Kompact Dual Port-25mm
TS-0203-1023 BOV Kompact Dual Port-34mm
TS-0203-1209 BOV Kompact Plumb Back - Maz/Sub
TS-0203-1215 BOV Kompact Plumb Back - Subaru
TS-0203-1221 BOV Kompact Plumb Back-20mm
TS-0203-1222 BOV Kompact Plumb Back-25mm
TS-0203-1223 BOV Kompact Plumb Back-34mm
TS-0203-1226 BOV Kompact Plumb Back - Nissan
TS-0203-3001 BOV Kompact Spring-Blue (extra soft)
TS-0203-3002 BOV Kompact DP Spring-Pink
TS-0203-3003 BOV Kompact PB Spring-Green
TS-0204-1001 BOV Race Port-Blue
TS-0204-1002 BOV Race Port-Black
TS-0204-1005 Raceport Universal - BLUE (NO weld flange)
Female flange (fits TiAl style flanges)
TS-0204-1006 Raceport Universal - BLACK (NO weld flange)
Female flange (fits TiAl style flanges)
TS-0204-2001 BOV Race Port S/S WF
TS-0204-2004 BOV Race Port Spring Kit
TS-0204-2005 BOV Race Port to 38mm ADA
TS-0204-2006 BOV Race Port Flange Blank
TS-0204-3001 BOV Race Port Alloy WF
TS-0204-3002 BOV Race Port Spring 15 In/Hg
TS-0204-3003 BOV Race Port Dia assembly
TS-0204-3004 BOV Race Port V-Band
TS-0204-3005 BOV Race Port flange O-Ring
TS-0205-1009 BOV Dual Port Maz/Sub-Blue
TS-0205-1010 BOV Dual Port Maz/Sub-Black
TS-0205-1015 BOV Dual Port Subaru-Blue
TS-0205-1016 BOV Dual Port Subaru-Black
TS-0205-1020 BOV Dual Port Mitsubishi-Red
TS-0205-1026 BOV Dual Port Nissan-Black
TS-0205-1027 BOV Dual Port Nissan GTR Kit-Black
TS-0205-1061 BOV Dual Port Uni 32mm-Blue
TS-0205-1062 BOV Dual Port Uni 32mm-Black
TS-0205-1071 BOV Dual Port Uni 38mm-Blue
TS-0205-1072 BOV Dual Port Uni 38mm-Black
TS-0205-1100 BOV Vee Port Uni -Blue
TS-0205-1101 BOV Vee Port Uni-Black
TS-0205-1115 BOV Vee Port Subaru-Blue
TS-0205-1116 BOV Vee Port Subaru-Black
TS-0205-1215 BOV Plumb Black Subaru -Blue
TS-0205-1216 BOV Plumb Black Subaru -Black
TS-0205-1261 BOV Plumb Back Uni 32mm-Blue
TS-0205-1262 BOV Plumb Back Uni 32mm-Black
TS-0205-1271 BOV Plumb Back Uni 38mm-Blue
TS-0205-1272 BOV Plumb Back Uni 38mm-Black
TS-0205-1300 BOV Supersonic Uni - Blue
TS-0205-1301 BOV Supersonic Uni - Black
TS-0205-1309 BOV Supersonic Mazda/Subaru -Blue
TS-0205-1310 BOV Supersonic Mazda/Subaru -Black
TS-0205-1315 BOV Supersonic Subaru -Blue
TS-0205-1316 BOV Supersonic Subaru -Black
TS-0205-2002 BOV 38mm Alloy Profiled Ada
TS-0205-2003 BOV 38mm SS Profiled Adapter
TS-0205-2006 BOV 19mm Hose Adapter
TS-0205-2007 BOV 25mm Hose Adapter
TS-0205-2008 BOV 32mm Hose Adapter
TS-0205-2009 BOV 34mm Hose Adapter
TS-0205-2010 BOV V-Band to 38mm ada
TS-0205-2011 BOV V-Band Blanking Plate
TS-0205-2012 BOV 19mm Hose Blanking Plug
TS-0205-2013 BOV 25mm Hose Blanking Plug
TS-0205-2014 BOV 29mm Hose Blanking Plug
TS-0205-2015 BOV 32mm Hose Blanking Plug
TS-0205-2016 BOV 34mm Hose Blanking Plug
TS-0205-2017 BOV 38mm Hose Blanking Plug
TS-0205-2051 BOV Subaru MY99 Adapter Kit
TS-0205-2052 BOV Nissan R32 Adapter Kit
TS-0205-2053 BOV Subaru Forester 2.0L Adapter Kit
TS-0205-2054 BOV Subaru Forester 2.5L Adapter Kit
TS-0205-2055 BOV Mazda/Subaru Flange Adapter Kit
TS-0205-2056 BOV Subaru Flange Adapter Kit
TS-0205-2057 BOV Nissan Flange Adapter Kit
TS-0205-2058 BOV Ford XR6 Turbo Pipe Kit
TS-0205-2059 BOV Subaru WRX 98 Adapter Kit
TS-0205-2060 BOV TS - Greddy Flange Adapter
TS-0205-2061 BOV TS - HKS Flange Adapter
TS-0205-3008 BOV 38mm WA/HO Alloy
TS-0205-3009 BOV V-Band clamp assembly
TS-0205-3010 BOV O-Ring kit
TS-0205-3011 BOV Uniglide Lubricant
TS-0205-3101 BOV Spring Yellow DP/SS/VP
TS-0205-3102 BOV Spring Red PB/SC
TS-0205-3103 BOV Port Blanking Plug
TS-0205-3104 BOV 60mm Trumpet Replace
TS-0205-3105 BOV 50mm Trumpet Replace
TS-0205-3200 BOV 25mm Plumb Back fitting
TS-0205-3201 BOV 29mm Plumb Back fitting
TS-0205-3202 BOV 32mm Plumb Back fitting
TS-0205-3203 BOV 34mm Plumb Back fitting
TS-0205-3204 BOV 38mm Plumb Back fitting
TS-0301-1001 eB2 60mm White Silver
TS-0301-1002 eB2 60mm Black Silver
TS-0301-1003 eB2 60mm Black
TS-0301-1004 eB2 66mm Silver Silver
TS-0301-1005 eB2 66mm White Black
TS-0301-1011 eB2 66mm Black
TS-0301-1013 eB2 66mm Black Silver
TS-0301-2001 eB2 60mm Dash Mounting Kit
TS-0301-2002 eB2 60mm Roll Cage Mount
TS-0301-2003 eB2 4 Port Solenoid
TS-0301-2006 eB2 60mm Dual Shift Silver
TS-0301-2007 eB2 60mm Dual Shift Black
TS-0301-2008 eB2 LED Red
TS-0301-2009 eB2 LED Green
TS-0301-2010 eB2 LED Blue
TS-0301-2011 eB2 LED Orange
TS-0301-2012 eB2 Microswitch
TS-0301-2013 eB2 66mm Dash Mounting Kit
TS-0301-2014 eB2 66mm Roll Cage Mount
TS-0301-2017 eB2 66mm Dual Shift Silver
TS-0301-2018 eB2 66mm Dual Shift Black
TS-0301-2020 eB2 High Pressure Hose Fitting Kit
TS-0301-3002 eB2 Re-loom kit
TS-0301-3003 eB2 Spare Solenoid kit
TS-0302-1002 eBS e-Boost Street 40psi
TS-0302-2001 eBS Mounting Bracket
TS-0302-3002 eBS Re-Loom Kit
TS-0303-1001 FCD-1 (pneumatic)
TS-0303-1002 FCD-2 (electronic)
TS-0304-1001 BOV controller kit (controller + custom Raceport) BLUE
TS-0304-1002 BOV controller kit (controller + custom Raceport) BACK
TS-0401-1001 FPR 800 1/8 NPT-Blue
TS-0401-1002 FPR 800 1/8 NPT-Black
TS-0401-1003 FPR 1200 -6 AN-Blue
TS-0401-1004 FPR 1200 -6 AN-Black
TS-0401-1005 FPR 2000 -8 AN-Blue
TS-0401-1006 FPR 2000 -8 AN-Black
TS-0401-1007 FPR 3000 -10 AN-Blue
TS-0401-1008 FPR 3000 -10 AN-Black
TS-0401-3001 FPR 800 Replacement Dia Ass
TS-0401-3002 FPR 1200 Replacement Dia Ass
TS-0401-3003 FPR 2/3000 Replacement Dia Ass
TS-0402-1001 FPR Ada Subaru/Nis/Maz
TS-0402-1002 FPR Ada Toyota/Subaru
TS-0402-1003 FPR Ada Toyota/Mazda
TS-0402-1004 FPR Ada Honda
TS-0402-1005 FPR Ada -Mitsubishi
TS-0402-1006 FPR Ada Audi/VW
TS-0402-1013 FPR Ada Subaru (STI)
TS-0402-1014 FPR Ada Mitsubishi (EVO)
TS-0402-1107 FPR Fitting Kit 1/8NPT to 6mm
TS-0402-1108 FPR Fitting Kit 1/8NPT to 8mm
TS-0402-1109 FPR Fitting Kit -6 AN to 6mm
TS-0402-1110 FPR Fitting Kit -6 AN to 8mm
TS-0402-1111 FPR Fitting Kit -6AN to -6AN
TS-0402-1112 FPR Fitting Kit 1/8NPT to-6AN
TS-0402-1115 FPR Fitting Kit 1/8NPT - 10mm
TS-0402-1116 FPR Fitting Kit -6 AN to 10mm
TS-0402-2023 FPR Gauge 0-100psi Liquid Fill
TS-0501-1010 WG38 Ultragate 38 7psi Blue
TS-0501-1011 WG38 Ultragate 38 7psi Black
TS-0501-1040 WG38 Ultragate 38 14psi Blue
ts-0501-1041 WG38 Ultragate 38 14psi BlACK
TS-0501-2001 WG38 Weld Flanges - Stainless
TS-0501-2002 WG38 Weld Flanges - Mild Steel
TS-0501-2003 WG38/45 5PSI IN SPRG-GRN/GRY
TS-0501-2004 WG38/45 7PSI IN SPRG-GRN/WHT
TS-0501-2005 WG38/45 7 PSI MID SPRG-GRN/PUR
TS-0501-2006 WG38/45 10PSI MID SPRG-GRN/BLU
TS-0501-2007 WG38/45 14PSI MID SPRG-GRN/YEL
TS-0501-2008 WG38/45 7 PSI OUT SPRG-GRN/PNK
TS-0501-3001 WG Diaphragm Replacement
TS-0501-3002 WG38 Manifold Gasket-SS 2-Pack
TS-0501-3003 WG38 Valve Seat
TS-0501-3004 WG Valve Guide 'O' Ring
TS-0502-1001 WG50 Pro-Gate 50 7psi Blue
TS-0502-1002 WG50 Pro-Gate 50 7psi Black
TS-0502-2001 WG50/60 5PSI IN SPRG-BLK/GRY
TS-0502-2002 WG50/60 7PSI IN SPRG-BLK/WHT
TS-0502-2003 WG50/60 7PSI OUT SPRG-BLK/PUR
TS-0502-2004 WG50/60 10PSI MID SPRG-BLK/BLU
TS-0502-2005 WG50/60 14PSI MID SPRG-BLK/YEL
TS-0502-2006 WG50/60 12PSI OUTER SPRG-BLK/RED
TS-0502-3001 WG50 Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0502-3002 WG50 Outlet Weld Flange
TS-0502-3003 WG50 Valve Seat
TS-0502-3004 WG50 Inlet V-band
TS-0502-3005 WG50 Outlet V-Band
TS-0502-3007 WG50 Alloy Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0503-1001 WG60 Power-Gate 60 7psi Blue
TS-0503-1002 WG60 Power-Gate 60 7psi Black
TS-0503-3001 WG60 Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0503-3002 WG60 Outlet Weld Flange
TS-0503-3003 WG60 Valve Seat
TS-0503-3004 WG60 Inlet V-Band
TS-0503-3005 WG60 Outlet V-Band
TS-0503-3007 WG60 Alloy Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0504-1001 WG45 Hyper-Gate 45 7psi Blue
TS-0504-1002 WG45 Hyper-Gate 45 7psi Black
TS-0504-3001 WG45 Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0504-3002 WG45 Outlet Weld Flange
TS-0504-3003 WG45 Valve Seat
TS-0504-3004 WG45 Inlet Vee Band
TS-0504-3005 WG45 Outlet Vee Band
TS-0505-1005 WG40 Compgate 40mm - 7 PSI BLUE
TS-0505-1006 WG40 Compgate 40mm - 7 PSI BLACK
TS-0505-2001 WG40 3PSI Inner Spring Brown/Black
TS-0505-2002 WG40 5PSI Inner Spring Brown/Grey
TS-0505-2003 WG40 7PSI Middle Spring Brown/Purple
TS-0505-2004 WG40 11PSI Middle Spring Brown/Red
TS-0505-2005 WG40 10PSI Outer Spring Brown/Blue
TS-0505-3001 WG40 Inlet Weld Flange
TS-0505-3002 WG40 Outlet Weld Flange
TS-0505-3003 WG40 Valve Seat
TS-0505-3004 WG40 Inlet V-Band
TS-0505-3005 WG40 Outlet V-Band
TS-0505-3006 WG40 Diaphragm Assembly
TS-0505-3007 WG40 Locking Collar
TS-0505-3008 WG40 Collar Tool
TS-9001-1006 TS Silicon Hose Gauge
TS-9001-1008 2 Product Display Stand
TS-9002-1002 TS Embroided Cap
TS-9003-1010 TS T-Shirt -XS(Live to Race)
TS-9003-1011 TS T-Shirt -S (Live to Race)
TS-9003-1012 TS T-Shirt -M (Live to Race)
TS-9003-1013 TS T-Shirt -L (Live to Race)
TS-9003-1014 TS T-Shirt -XL (Live to Race)
TS-9003-1015 TS T-Shirt -2XL (Live to Race)
TS-9003-1016 TS T-Shirt -3XL(Live to Race)
TS-9003-1017 TS T-Shirt -4XL(Live to Race)
TS-9005-1001 Turbosmart Jacket -S
TS-9005-1002 Turbosmart Jacket -M
TS-9005-1003 Turbosmart Jacket -L
TS-9005-1004 Turbosmart Jacket -XL
TS-9005-1005 Turbosmart Jacket -2XL
TS-9006-1001 TS BOV Key chain - Vee Port
TS-9006-1002 TS BOV Key Chain - Supersonic
TS-9006-1004 TS Logo Metal Keyring
TS-9007-1001 TS Logo Stkr Colour 180x55
TS-9007-1002 TS Logo Stkr B&W 350x100
TS-9007-1003 TS Logo Stkr B&W 600x170
TS-9007-1004 TS Logo Stkr B&W 1000x300
TS-9007-1005 TS Authorised Dealer Sticker 600mm
TS-9007-1012 TS Logo Sticker Coolour 350x100mm
TS-9007-1013 TS Logo Sticker Coolour 600x170mm
TS-9007-1014 TS Race Suit Patch 100 x 45
TS-HCS-003 Spring Clamps 0.12"
TS-HCS-005 Spring Clamps 0.20"
TS-HCS-006 Spring Clamps 0.24"
TS-HCT-M033 Turbo-Seal Tension Clamps 1.125-1.500"
TS-HCT-M042 Turbo-Seal Tension Clamps 1.375-1.875"
TS-HCT-M050 Turbo-Seal Tension Clamps 1.625-2.375"
TS-HCT-M062 Turbo-Seal Tension Clamps 1.970-2.875"
TS-HCT-M075 Turbo-Seal Tension Clamps 2.500-3.375"
TS-HCT-M081 Turbo-Seal Tension Clamps 2.750-3.625"
TS-HCT-M100 Turbo Seal Tension Clamps 3.500-4.375"
TS-HE45075-BE 45 Elbow 0.75"
TS-HE45100-BE 45 Elbow 1.00"
TS-HE45125-BE 45 Elbow 1.25"
TS-HE45150-BE 45 Elbow 1.50"
TS-HE45175-BE 45 Elbow 1.75"
TS-HE45200-BE 45 Elbow 2.00"
TS-HE45225-BE 45 Elbow 2.25"
TS-HE45250-BE 45 Elbow 2.50"
TS-HE45275-BE 45 Elbow 2.75"
TS-HE45300-BE 45 Elbow 3.00"
TS-HE45350-BE 45 Elbow 3.50"
TS-HE45400-BE 45 Elbow 4.00"
TS-HE90100-BE 90 Elbow 1.00"
TS-HE90125-BE 90 Elbow 1.25"
TS-HE90150-BE 90 Elbow 1.50"
TS-HE90175-BE 90 Elbow 1.75"
TS-HE90200-BE 90 Elbow 2.00"
TS-HE90225-BE 90 Elbow 2.25"
TS-HE90250-BE 90 Elbow 2.50"
TS-HE90275-BE 90 Elbow 2.75"
TS-HE90300-BE 90 Elbow 3.00"
TS-HE90350-BE 90 Elbow 3.50"
TS-HE90400-BE 90 Elbow 4.00"
TS-HH06303-BE 3m Pack -6mm Vac Tube Reinforced -Blue
TS-HH06303-BK 3m Pack -6mm Vac Tube Reinforced -Black
TS-HH200-BE Double Hump Hose 2.00"
TS-HH225-BE Double Hump Hose 2.25"
TS-HH250-BE Double Hump Hose 2.50"
TS-HH275-BE Double Hump Hose 2.75"
TS-HH300-BE Double Hump Hose 3.00"
TS-HH350-BE Double Hump Hose 3.50"
TS-HH400-BE Double Hump Hose 4.00"
TS-HR125175-BE Hose Reducer 1.25-1.75"
TS-HR150175-BE Hose Reducer 1.50-1.75"
TS-HR150200-BE Hose Reducer 1.50-2.00"
TS-HR175200-BE Hose Reducer 1.75-2.00"
TS-HR175225-BE Hose Reducer 1.75-2.25"
TS-HR175300-BE Hose Reducer 1.75-3.00"
TS-HR200225-BE Hose Reducer 2.00-2.25"
TS-HR200250-BE Hose Reducer 2.00-2.50"
TS-HR200275-BE Hose Reducer 2.00-2.75"
TS-HR200300-BE Hose Reducer 2.00-3.00"
TS-HR200325-BE Hose Reducer 2.00-3.25"
TS-HR225250-BE Hose Reducer 2.25-2.50"
TS-HR225275-BE Hose Reducer 2.25-2.75"
TS-HR225300-BE Hose Reducer 2.25-3.00"
TS-HR250275-BE Hose Reducer 2.50-2.75"
TS-HR250300-BE Hose Reducer 2.50-3.00"
TS-HR250325-BE Hose Reducer 2.50-3.25"
TS-HR275300-BE Hose Reducer 2.75-3.00"
TS-HR275350-BE Hose Reducer 2.75-3.50"
TS-HR300325-BE Hose Reducer 3.00-3.25"
TS-HR300350-BE Hose Reducer 3.00-3.50"
TS-HR300400-BE Hose Reducer 3.00-4.00"
TS-HR325400-BE Hose Reducer 3.25-4.00"
TS-HR350375-BE Hose Reducer 3.50-3.75"
TS-HR350400-BE Hose Reducer 3.50-4.00"
TS-HRE42225-BE 45 Reducer Elbow 2.25"-2.50"
TS-HRE92025-BE 90 Reducer Elbow 2.0"-2.5"
TS-HRE92530-BE 90 Reducer Elbow 2.5"-3.0"
TS-HS100060-BE Straight 1.00" ID x 60mm
TS-HS100915-BE Straight 1.00" ID x 915mm
TS-HS110060-BE Straight 1.10" ID x 60mm
TS-HS110915-BE Straight 1.10" ID x 915mm
TS-HS125060-BE Straight 1.25" ID x 60mm
TS-HS125915-BE Straight 1.25" ID x 915mm
TS-HS150060-BE Straight 1.50" ID x 60mm
TS-HS150915-BE Straight 1.50" ID x 915mm
TS-HS175060-BE Straight 1.75" ID x 60mm
TS-HS175915-BE Straight 1.75" ID x 915mm
TS-HS200075-BE Straight 2.00" ID x 75mm
TS-HS200915-BE Straight 2.00" ID x 915mm
TS-HS225075-BE Straight 2.25" ID x 75mm
TS-HS225915-BE Straight 2.25" ID x 915mm
TS-HS236075-BE Straight 60mm ID x 75mm
TS-HS250075-BE Straight 2.50" ID x 75mm
TS-HS250915-BE Straight 2.50" ID x 915mm
TS-HS275075-BE Straight 2.75" ID x 75mm
TS-HS275915-BE Straight 2.75" ID x 915mm
TS-HS300075-BE Straight 3.00" ID x 75mm
TS-HS300915-BE Straight 3.00" ID x 915mm
TS-HS325090-BE Straight 3.25" ID x 90mm
TS-HS325915-BE Straight 3.25" ID x 915mm
TS-HS350090-BE Straight 3.50" ID x 90mm
TS-HS350915-BE Straight 3.50" ID x 915mm
TS-HS375090-BE Straight 3.75" ID x 90mm
TS-HS375915-BE Straight 3.75" ID x 915mm
TS-HS400090-BE Straight 4.00" ID x 90mm
TS-HS400915-BE Straight 4.00" ID x 915mm
TS-HT200100-BE Hose Tee 2.00" ID 1.00" spout
TS-HT200150-BE Hose Tee 2.00" ID 1.5" spout
TS-HT225150-BE Hose Tee 2.25" ID 1.5" spout
TS-HT250100-BE Hose Tee 2.50" ID 1.00" spout
TS-HT250150-BE Hose Tee 2.50" ID 1.5" spout
TS-HT275150-BE Hose Tee 2.75" ID 1.5" spout
TS-HT300150-BE Hose Tee 3.00" ID 1.5" spout
TS-HV0303-BE 3m Pack -3mm Vac Tube -Blue
TS-HV0303-BK 3m Pack -3mm Vac Tube -Black
TS-HV0303-RD 3m Pack -3mm Vac Tube -Red
TS-HV0403-BE 3m Pack -4mm Vac Tube -Blue
TS-HV0403-BK 3m Pack -4mm Vac Tube -Black
TS-HV0403-RD 3m Pack -4mm Vac Tube -Red
TS-HV0503-BE 3m Pack -5mm Vac Tube -Blue
TS-HV0503-BK 3m Pack -5mm Vac Tube -Black
TS-HV0503-RD 3m Pack -5mm Vac Tube -Red
TS-HV0603-BE 3m Pack -6mm Vac Tube -Blue
TS-HV0603-BK 3m Pack -6mm Vac Tube -Black
TS-HV0603-RD 3m Pack -6mm Vac Tube -Red