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Welcome to Boost Lab, Inc, your premier Turbocharger and Fuel Injection specialist. We sell and service all turbochargers, service all gasoline fuel injectors, and sell performance and racing parts.

Fuel Injector Cleaning Services


Here at Boost Lab we service gasoline fuel injectors using the ASNU ultrasonic flow bench and service machine. Why buy reconditioned fuel injectors when we can make yours like new again?

Fuel injectors rarely die. They just get dirty. Fuel injector cleaning restores them back into like new condition and performance. Your injectors are cleaned and flow tested on the ASNU flow bench and ultrasonic cleaning machine. After cleaning new injector parts including filters, o-rings, spacers and pintle caps are installed.

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We service injectors for all types of applications including:

  • Marine
  • Outboards
  • Automotive
  • High Performance Automotive
  • Motorcycle
  • ATV
Our Cleaning Process:
  • Check for Coil winding shorts or opens
  • Injector Body cleaning
  • Spray pattern check
  • Initial Flow Test
  • Internal Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • All new parts (Orings, Pintle Caps, Spacers, Filters, etc.)
  • Final Flow Test
  • Flow sheet if requested (no extra charge)

Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for all injector servicing requests.

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